Smart Science With Unintelligent Conclusions

download (41)My love of science led me to many areas of research, especially when studying medical science in my youth and then bio-anthropology in later years. The concepts are amazing and the way things come together are elements of nature are manipulated, added together, taken away, or transformed into other things is mind-blowing. One has only to look at electricity which starts from nothing more than friction to understand the power behind it.

That power can kill, maim, or turn one’s life around. It is the same power generated from lightning which is caused by friction of water molecules high in the sky. It is a reminder that long before man decided to explore the elements and to work to understand how simple things in nature work there was a more powerful force controlling everything.

It is that power that I want to focus on in this article because it is something I have experienced firsthand. It is not dangerous but it can knock you off your feet. It can’t be seen or felt but it can pin you down to the ground so that you can’t move a muscle. In the scientific world it would be labelled one’s imagination. In my world and with what I know it is the great Creative Power of the Universe.

Nothing happens on this earth or in all of space that is not directed by it. How do I know? Because unlike the scientists there is something in my memory that they can never erase – reincarnation. It is not anything that most scientists will explore or seek to understand, and those who do will use unintelligent means to arrive at their incorrect conclusions.

My own conclusion is that this ‘power’ is something that only those who have a connection to it will understand or feel. My research shows that millions have knowledge of it today but they are silenced by a code of unintelligent outcomes from certain bases that stop them. The bottom line is most will think of them as mad because in the way of societies these things don’t happen.

As a scientist and one who has looked with open eyes into the things happening today let me assure you that they not only happen but they are written down where everyone has access. If only they would look in the right places to find them.